Give the Gift of…

 Give the gift of relaxation!

It’s important to de-stress whenever possible.
Maybe it’s watching a tv show that makes you laugh,
it could be spending time with a pet,
what about a favorite hobby that takes away the worries of the day?

This article will help give you ideas
on how to relax your mind, body, and spirit.
Stress relievers: Top 10 picks to tame stress


Give the gift of friendship!

Throughout the year, it is important to stay in touch
with family and friends.
We have texting, twitter, facebook, email, and so on,
but don’t forget about face-to-face time.

Check out this article for some helpful tips!
7 Qualities of A Good Friend
by Karol Ladd


Give the gift of good health to yourself!

Summer is just around the corner,
try to find time to take care of you.
Your health is important!
from Real Simple Magazine


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