Advanced Learning Library ~ Wichita, Ks

The new Wichita Advanced Learning Library opened June 16th, 2018 and has lots of wonderful features for the whole family!

Advanced Learning Library ~ 711 W. 2nd  Wichita, Ks 67203

The Central Library closed last month, and this Library is more modern and updated than the downtown Central Library was.  There is a Childrens section, a Teen section, places to charge your phone, and many places to work on a computer or your laptop.

In the non-fiction section, books are organized according to “theme”, such as “Living Well”,  Travel, etc…( like a Book Store ) instead of using the Dewey decimal system.

This Big Screen shows Upcoming Events and directions to the different Library Sections.

The upstairs section of the new Advanced Learning Library is very open and spacious, with lots of big windows.

Reverie Roasters will be opening a space in the new Advanced Learning Library soon…read more about Reverie Roasters here.

The new Advanced Learning Library has something for all members of the family! And, its a great place to have a meeting or to catch up on some reading or homework.

Call the Advanced Learning Library at (316) 261-8500 for more information.