Autism Awareness Month at the Kansas Aviation Museum – Thru April 29th 2018

When you visit the Kansas Aviation Museum now thru April 29th, they will donate 4 tickets for every Ticket sold.  Guests will choose one of the three partnering organizations to donate 2 adult/2 children’s tickets towards.

The 3 Organizations represented are:  Heartsprings, Rainbows United and Greater Expectations.  All 3 of these Organizations do wonderful work with individuals who have Autism.

Heartspring’s Autism Services program provides a wide variety of innovative services and resources for individuals, families, professionals, and community members affected by a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and related symptoms. Building and enriching a meaningful life for each family member is the focus of services provided and are highlighted through the various programs offered. Autism Services at Heartspring consists of the Community of Autism Resources and Education (CARE) program and Behavioral Services including Applied Behavior Analysis.” Directly off the Heartspring Autism Services For more information, visit their website

Rainbows: “Rainbows United offers the most progressive, advanced therapies for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder through the Kansas Autism Waiver Program,Commercial Insurance and Kansas Managed Care Organizations through Early Screening Diagnosis and Treatment. We understand that children with autism require a unique setting, one that is structured and designed to shut out the distractions that often stand in the way of learning and developing.” Visit their website at

Greater Expectations (with store front- Autism Avenue)

“The Greater Goal

As part of the Independent Living Resource Center, Greater Expectations mission is to become a catalyst for growth and opportunities for individuals ages 18-35 with high functioning Autism.  Using evidenced based interventions and strategies, our goal is to understand how Autism impacts each individual and to develop personalized “visions” and “goals” which target key areas of deficit.” For more information, visit


Graphic Credit – Kansas Aviation Museum


Kansas Aviation Museum ~ 3350 South George Washington Blvd. Wichita , KS 67210

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