Final Friday Events – Wichita, KS *May 29th

With the start of Riverfest and all of the Final Friday Events on May 29th, there is something for everyone!

Art Galleries, Museums, Retail Shops and Restaurants stay open late on the last Friday of the month,  hours vary between Galleries but most are open between the hours of  7 pm and 9 pm.

For more information on the Wichita Downtown Final Friday Events, visit

Delano Barbecue Company to host Wilfried Fathi and ‘Slingshot’

Final Friday May 29th at Delano Barbeque Company

Photo Credit - Delano Barbeque Company
Photo Credit – Delano Barbeque Company

Fine art inspired by the myths and the ancient dynasties of Persia along with the people and history of Germany will pair up with the historic Delano District and hearty American Barbecue for Final Friday in May as Wilfried Fathi brings his Visionary Paintings and work to Delano Barbecue Company. Titled “Slingshot,” Fathi hopes this latest exhibit will help to bring more artists and enjoyment of the arts to Delano.

“And the trolley,” he said, with a laugh. “We need the trolley back in Delano for Final Fridays!”

As a college art instructor, Fathi regularly gets to experiment with different media, styles and techniques, many of which will be on display Friday at the barbecue restaurant, located at 710 W. Douglas. The art piece featured on the Final Friday posters, for example, is a multi-layered work titled “Rostam” (32in X 24in) crafted in acrylic, gouache, charcoal, soft pastel, and his own gesso of table and Kosher salt on canvas. This piece (which Fathi plans to bring to the exhibit) features a layer of careful stencil work in both positive and negative imagery, a frieze of charcoal and depicts tributes being delivered to Persopolis. Other pieces are acrylic on hardboard, scratchboard, and various papers. Out of his large and diverse collection, available to view online at, Fathi said he plans to select at least eight pieces for display.

Don’t expect to see a multitude of landscapes or portraits only at this exhibit. As an instructor, Fathi teaches painting and drawing to students and is always immersed in a variety of styles and techniques – and thus inspired by them and their variety.

“I am eclectic. I do not want to do the same thing over and over – only landscapes, for example. On one hand, it can help an artist develop a recognizable style but on the other but on the other? I refuse to be repetitive.”

Just his background could easily keep Fathi from becoming bored as an artist. American, German and Persian influence and culture all combine to direct the artistic vision of the artist who earned his MFA (Master of Fine Art) in Printmaking, Painting and Sculpture from Wichita State University.

“My art is influenced by the cultures in which I grew up, German and Persian and the one in which I live: America,” he said. Fathi grew up surrounded by the traditions of Persian art in Tehran, where he attended a German school. Outside of school, his eye was caught by western art, however, it was the craftsmen of his home city and their carpets, silver, copper and  “all the Persian crafts had a major influence on me. Not that I wouldn’t have been eclectic anyway!”

Another contribution to his eclectic style was a Russian thread seller he encountered in the Tehran bazaar, and would visit after school. He was a classically-trained painter and took commissions from local dignitaries and art-lovers. “You know, I never saw him sell any thread, but commissions? There were many, many orders and commissions for his paintings.”

Delano Barbecue Company owners Michelle and Jon Suddeth hold a strong belief that businesses should give back to their communities. Each Final Friday, the artist selects a charity for 10% of the restaurants proceeds for the night to benefit. Fathi has selected the Parkinson’s Association of the Plains.

Michelle, a graphic artist herself, always strives to keep Final Friday events kid friendly to help encourage early enjoyment and appreciation of the arts. “Our awesome S’mores Bar will be out, kids of all ages love it,” she said. “This Final Friday is family friendly, so grab the kids and come see some great artwork by our friend Wilfried.”

For further information, please contact Michelle Suddeth at ( 316 ) 260-4950

Delano Barbeque Company on Twitter 

 Final Friday ICT on Twitter


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